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IN COUNTY WICKLOW, IRELAND  http://www.gorsehill.net
This programme is made up of twelve, five day modules over a three year period commencing in April/May 2018 and ending in May 2021 with a thirteenth module of a six day outdoor retreat in the Wicklow Hills.

Authentic Movement Institute: https://www.authenticmovementinstitute.com/authenticmovement/

A simple, historical website to document the existence of the former training program at AMI co founded by Neala Haze and Tina Stromsted. Though the site serves as a historical document,  each of the faculty have listed their current contact information so people wishing to contact them can do so.   It also contains a resources page that lists the AM Community Website and other relevant resources.  And a publications page that lists many rich resources written by the founding faculty, which may be useful to people interested in AM.

Movimento Creativo
Location: Rome Italy
Marcia Plevin
link: www.movimentocreativo.it
information Authentic Movement seminars
email: info@movimentocreativo.it

Centro de Movimiento Auténtico, Argentina – CeMAAR

Location: Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Link: http://www.movimientoautentico.com.ar
Contact: karin@movimientoautentico.com.ar
Facebook: Karin Fleischer
Facebook: Movimiento Auténtico Latinoamérica

Embodying the Great Mystery, A Kabbalistic Movement Journey

Location: Charlottesville, Virginia
Link: http://www.facebook.com/EmbodyingKabbalah/
Email Address: saronow@verizon.net
Contact: saronow@verizon.net or tel:434-996-3837

Laban/Bartenieff Certificate Program / Integrated Movement Studies

Location: Berkely, Utah, Southern CA
Link: http://www.imsmovement.com/
Email Address: whittier@hws.edu
Contact: Cadence Whittier: (315) 789-3969 or whittier@hws.edu or Phone: (206) 849-4380 Fax: (805) 962-0300 Mailing Address: Janice Meaden 215 Cedar Lane Santa Barbara, CA 93108 Email: jmeadenims@aol.com

The Center for the Study of Authentic Movement

Location: Boulder, Co
Link: http://www.authentic-movement.org/
Email Address: zoe@authentic-movement.org

Moving the Self Psychotherapy Center

Location: Bowie, MD
Link: http://www.movingtheself.org/
Email Address: info@movingtheself.org

Body Visible/Body Invisible

Location: Calistoga, CA
Link: http://www.leapnow.org/bodyvisible
Email Address: bvbi@leapnow.org
Contact: Alexandra Holy Administrative Coordinator Phone: 707-431-7265 Fax: 707-431-8479 www.leapnow.org Facebook: www.facebook/leapnow

Authentic Movement Canada

Location: Canada
Link: http://www.authenticmovement.ca/

Circles of Four

Location: Many locations
Link: http://disciplineofauthenticmovement.com/circles-of-four.html
Email Address: Inquiry@CirclesOfFour.com
Contact: Check the web site for many locations and teachers available for Circles of Four Program

 Contemplative Dance

Location: Northampton, MA
Link: http://www.contemplativedance.org/
Email Address: cdance@contemplativedance.org

Moving On Center

Location: Oakland, CA
Link: http://www.movingoncenter.org/
Email Address: info@movingoncenter.orgPlainfield, MA Earthdance

Brazil Movimento Autentico

Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Link: http://www.movimentoautentico.com/
Email Address: soraia@movimentoautentico.com

Authentic Movement-BodySoul Center

Location: San Francisco, CA
Link: http://www.authenticmovement-bodysoul.com/

Institute for Integrative Bodywork & Movement Therapy

Location: United Kingdom
Link: http://www.ibmt.co.uk/

Therapiezentrum Gersthof

Location: Vienna, Austria
Link: http://www.authentic-movement.at/
Email Address: authentic-movement@tzg.at

Institue for Holistic Dance and Movementpedagogy

Location: Vienna, Austria
Link: http://www.holistic-dance.at/
Contact: office@holistic-dance.at